Therapeutic Services

Swedish Membership


If you are experiencing chronic pain, it may be due to stress. A one hour weekly relaxing swedish massage can benefit your health and wellbeing in many ways.

Benefits of Massage

Stretch Membership


If activity causes you pain due to tight muscles, weekly sessions of passive and active isolated stretching (AIS) will help you have better flexibility, more range of motion, less pain, and better posture.

About AIS

Deep Tissue Membership


If you are someone that has a physically strenuous job and often gets "knotted up",  these weekly sessions will help you stay in optimal shape by concentrating on each area of concern on a regular basis. If we ignore our bodies, they will result in chronic issues. If you have an area that has been bothering you, give it the attention it deserves!

Shiatsu Membership


Pain may be due to a blockage of energy, whether it is emotional or physical energy that is unbalanced, this eastern based therapy will unlock stagnant energy along all of your pathways to restore your energy and give you relief in many ways. Shiatsu is a form of therapy of Japanese origin based on the same principles as acupuncture, in which pressure is applied to certain points on the body,  rocking movements, and broad pressure along the meridians.

Massage Membership Program

12 week membership for $927

(one hour per week)


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