Janine Frances, Healing Artist

Janine's passion for natural healing turned into a career in 1996 when she graduated the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy and Acupuncture in New York City. A few years later her passion for aromatherapy and skin care evolved, so she attended the Aveda Institute and became a licensed esthetician as well. 


 Over the past 22 years she has worked with many medical professionals and healers at top spas from NYC to Miami, and has educated estheticians in south Florida on skin care sciences and techniques. She uses natural products from around the world and creates some of her own healing potions as well.

Janine is passionate about the healing arts and continues to study and perform newly developed techniques as well as ancient  healing techniques & remedies.



Energy healing. Rei = higher power, ki=life force energy

This powerful and transformative Japanese healing technique balances your life force so your body can heal itself. Though you are rarely touched during this session, you will feel warmth, tingling, and other sensations as energy is being transferred. It is simply healing energy unraveling your energy centers so you can clear out things you are holding on to that no longer serve you. SO relax, breath, and just let it go. Aromatherapy and stones will be used in the sessions to enhance the good vibrations.

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