Add some Extra Love to your Facial

Head & Neck Rub


Chronic head aches, sinus issues, migraines, TMJ pain, neck stiffness, and mental stress will be rubbed away with the help of powerful healing oils.

Foot Rub


Feet, toes, and ankles will be heated, scrubbed, massaged, wiggled, stretched, and rubbed with therapeutic grade oils. 

Our largest pores are on the soles of our feet, so oils are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream  

Belly Rub


There are many hormones that are produces in the gut. This treatment has been said to stabilize appetite and mood,  help with  ailments associated with digestive disorders, relieve low back pain, and reduce anxiety.



Leave your service looking flawless by finishing with a burst of minerals airbrushed over your skin for a matte finish with extra sun protection.